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We are an alliance of small business owners located on Hawaii’s Big Island. Our membership is made up of health, wellness and cultural practitioners, travel professionals, operators of healing retreats, spas, bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals,as well as adventurous sea captains,  activities vendors, artisans, photographers, wedding and event planners, child care providers, farmers, beekeepers, leaders of sacred journeys, ecotours and hiking, horseback riding zipline or rafting tours...the list goes on and on.   We support ecotourism, locally-grown, (organic where possible) healthy foods, and made in Hawaii products. 

We honor Native Hawaiian cultural practitioners and the appropriate use of sacred sites on the Big Island.  Where possible, we aim to share these Hawaiian treasures with you, and help you to better understand the Hawaiian culture.

We believe that a vacation can and should be more than just a chance to sit by the pool and drink mai tais.  We believe that on this beautiful Island, the best opportunities exist for re-creating your mind, your body, and your spirit - getting in touch with your heart, the hearts of your family members, and the heart of the earth.  Our mission is to help direct the sustainable development of re-creative travel on Hawaii Island.  Through our website, in-bound travelers can find resources to help them plan a wellness vacation in Hawaii.

As fellows in business, we can also support one another in referring to our friends and neighbors, networking our abilities, our talents, our offerings, and our good will one with another, and with our guests, friends, family, and loved ones.  

Welcome to a truly cooperative community of business owners and providers, striving to serve you in your every need and desire on your re-creation journey.  Welcome to true Aloha.

Image by Robert Frutos, www.heartofnature.net
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