Hawaii Island is larger than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined, thus its name, “The Big Island.” Endowed with some of the state’s most varied landscapes - from active and dormant volcanoes to lush tropical rainforests, and even snow capped mountains, this spectacular natural setting offers something for everyone to love.  
Make your next vacation one that deeply restores and renews you at a whole new level. When taken together, the 8 ingredients listed below create a journey that has lasting impact. 
The Big Island
Image by Robert Frutos, www.heartofnature.net
8 Ingredients to create the ultimate wellness vacation on Hawaii Island:
The Big Island offers a wide range of accommodations that provide a healing environment, including retreat centers, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts and spa resorts.  Diversify and discover!  Accommodations can be as different as the distinct regions they are located in ~ rainforest, mountain, oceanfront, desert, jungle, and more. 
Image by Robert Frutos, www.heartofnature.net
During your vacation make a pilgrimage to some of the most important sacred sites on the Big Island. Volcanoes National Park, Pu’uhonua O Honaunau (also known as The Place of Refuge) - and Mauna Kea Summit are three of the Big Island’s most significant power spots. 

Image by Robert Frutos, www.heartofnature.net
Interact with local residents and learn from cultural guides. Native Hawaiian elders can share indigenous wisdom, guidance, education and cultural practices. Through ritual and ceremony, you can set the intention for your journey and connect deeply with Aloha Spirit. 

Our healing vacation in Hawai'i was nothing short of magical, a truly awesome and life-changing experience.” - George Emerson, CA
Engage in health, wellness and spa treatments, ranging from traditional Hawaiian, to east-west practices and more.  There are hundreds of options to choose from.  Wondering about watsu?  Curious about cleansing? Now is the time to experience something you’ve never tried before! 

Enjoy ecotourism adventures combined with exercise and immersion in nature.  The healing waters of Hawaii’s Big Island are known for their restorative properties and mineral content, the rainforests for their oxygen, and the mountains for their grounding, calming effect.  Connect with marine life, whales, dolphins and turtles in the magnificent ocean waters that surround you. Let beauty heal and nature nurture.

Healthy food
Find healthy food choices that distinctly support locally grown, fresh and organic foods, health food stores, farmer’s markets and restaurants. Did you know that a fresh island coconut has the highest alkaline content of any food?  Alkaline foods are the most healing, as compared to those that are acidic. 
Hawaiian Lei
Locate and learn about made in Hawaii products, from body products to medicinal herbs, music and art.  
Down time
Give yourself enough time for deep rest, integration and learning. Hawaii Island is larger than all of the Hawaiian Islands combined. Don’t try to see it all in a short period of time. Driving distances can be upwards of several hours. Settle in and enjoy your surroundings.  Extend your vacation time.
A wellness vacation is the antithesis of the old indigestion holiday, you know – “the shop til you drop, eat til you pop, tan til you sizzle, then drive all over the island to see every last inch of it” model.  A bumper sticker seen in Hawaii reads:  “Slow Down, This Ain’t the Mainland.”  Just a friendly reminder – speed is optional. 

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