A Guide to Re-Creation, Sustainability & Fun!
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Hawai'i Re~Creation Guide

Image of Hawaii Island Courtesy of HVCB
On the Island...Guide to Re-Creation, Sustainability & Fun!
Calley O’Neill is a well-known Big Island artist and a beloved yoga and meditation teacher. Calley came to Hawai’i to pursue public art in 1980, and practiced Ashtanga yoga intensively for years with Norman Allen, the yogi that brought Ashtanga to America.
However, the stresses of life resulted in many years of debilitating pain.  Through surrendering to kindness, Calley slowly and amazingly evolved out of pain. 
Calley's practice has come both from within and from extraordinary teachers, especially Faisal Muqqadam (Diamond Logos Approac) resulting in dramatic improvement in her health and happiness.  Calley has studied with well-known teachers in a wide variety of yoga, meditation and qigong styles. 

Through daily practice since 1975, and her experience of teaching thousands of students since 1997, a compassionate healing yoga has evolved called THE FULL BODY ELIXIR.  During this moving meditation, Calley shares the words of wisdom that help her most everyday…words she believes are best heard 10,000 times.  

Calley also teaches Meditation, Vision Fitness, Tapping into Life, and The Five Tibetans.
Email: [email protected]